You can do your part and live a healthy life by following some tips on how to make your house clean and green.

A clean house and/or a clean home is not afraid of germs. It is the way we deal with mildew and other bacteria that gives us the nasty condition called sick building syndrome. This syndrome is not confined to our immune system when we get sick but it is even in our homes if we do not keep the house clean and pay attention to the cooking place.

With old people in the house, the house is prone to colds, irritation, allergies, and other respiratory diseases which cannot be avoided. House cleaning demands much of your time and effort so you should know how to live a healthy life inside your home. You cannot be cured of illnesses in your home but you can be cured of illnesses in your home because your surroundings and environment affect your health.

The most basic to say is clean air to breathe. You can help lessen or eliminate bacteria on the materials and traps by cleaning and disinfecting your work area on a regular basis. You can keep a few kitchen materials or cleaning supplies that tend to be used on a daily basis and expose them to sunlight for a few hours every day.

In addition, you can install exhaust fans in your room. These fans will aid in cleaning up and clearing smoke from the air in your living room, cooking place, and kitchen.

Another heat generating source is your water heater. If you have electric hot water tanks, note that the temperature should be lowered to the least setting. To minimize energy consumption, it is highly advised to filter your shower, bath, and laundry water before it is heated.

Other options you can take will be to replace your current appliances with new energy-star-rated shades or new appliances that run on electricity.

Make your own cleaning products by mixing natural and organic elements.

Cleaning materials such as baking soda, lemon juice, lemons, Unscented, cornstarch, white vinegar, washing soda, borax, and other substances such as natural cleaning products can be used to make your house sparkle.

Holland rack makes affordable, easy-to-use wardrobe and closet tips.

You can photival or photo frame your favorite pictures to frame them and put them on the shelves.

Instead of a regular bucket, use a plastic or glass bowl. This way you do not have to worry that accidental flooding.

Make your own lint machine by using an old, vintage sewing machine.

Put your clothes straight in the dryer and apply a small amount of odor neutralizer.

Saving money on a new refrigerator will come back to you later, and it will also save you gas money when you start saving energy that comes with buying new appliances.

Guideline on how to save money on your energy bills and have a cleaner and healthy home :

In today’s world, it is very hard to do everything. So when we want to make our house clean, we will have to choose some means to save money, which can come from energy-saving appliances.

  • Store the old food you are taking out. This way, you can use them when you shop for the new one.
  • Take your old batteries, and put new batteries in them. This way, you will be able to use your old batteries, in some cases, without giving up the new battery.
  • Get a pedometer. As much as possible, go walking instead of driving. If you still exceed the hour a day, walk for 30 minutes, followed by another hour. This way, you will get a deep breath of exercise.
  • Use a bag shoe cover. To save more money, you will not need to purchase shoes for certain occasions, such as tonight.
  • Make your own soap. To be inexpensive, use some mixture of white vinegar and water.
  • flushed your toilet less. By flushing some amount of water into the toilet tank every now and then, you can save more energy.
  • Buy only what you need. Do not buy those because you like them, but because you need them.
  • Take showers instead of baths.
  • Put frosting on your thermostat. This activity can lower the thermostat temperature by 4 degrees Celsius and will lower your heating bill by 5 – 10 per cent per year.
  • Use a house blanket. This blanket will assist in keeping you Warm.
  • Portable heaters. This useful and inexpensive electrical device will give you the highest possible temperature for your requirements.
  • Do not waste the heat. For instance, if you have turned your heat off, you should wait for several minutes before warming it up again.
  • Shop for an appliance that has been rated highly and buy only those items with good performance.
  • Choose new appliances for your kitchen.
  • Being Energy Efficient
  • Always mind about your health.